quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014

Everything ready for my individual exposition!

A member of the National Assembly in Frankfurt, Felix  Lichnowsky was quite a figure. Known as the Last of the Knights, he fought as a general in Spain during the Civil War of Don Carlos. Assassinated at the age of 34 by revolutionaries he was a close friend and mecenas of Ferenc Liszt. 
My grandmother Etelka and her sister photographed at the famous studio of G. L. Manuel Freres, in Paris, 1930,s.

Prague is a place I always visit while in Europe.

My grandfather Wilhelm was a good photographer, I remember him setting his camera on a tripod and running into the car to make this historical photo of three generations.

Edward Lichnowsky 1840

 A mask of someone without a mask.

Robert is my older brother, he suffers..
Michel Lichnowsky 1992

Benckendorf meets Lichnowsky in London, this time in 1973.

NY is another one of my passions


Ratibor, Poland


Countess Ursula

Self portrait 1999

My characters are allways behind something, but never hidden 

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