quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

"The last descendants of a Princely House"

With a documented history of more than 500 years the Princely House of Lichnowsky, a family with roots in as many countries as Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Germany is coming to and end. The last male inheritors of this name and titles attached to it live in Brazil and have something to say!
I have been working for my Europe Journey, which starts next week and I am posting today some of the photos I have in my family archives. I also used a series of photos I did in the early 90,s with my brothers Robert and Michel. These works are part of my Portofolio which is titled : Passions and Prints...


Erica - Arpoador Beach - Rio 1968

Erica Furstin Lichnowsky 1968


Michel Graf Lichnowsky- MAM - Rio 1993

Praha 2009


Rico de Souza - Prainha 1998
Robert Edward Furst Lichnowsky 1993

Michel Graf Lichnowsky

Eduardo Graf