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How a line of state men became surfers and artists. 

This complex concept created by Giles Deleuze and Felix Guatarri serves well when we want to understand the transformations that can occur in our lives.
For example how a line of state men (lawyers, judges, politicians, generals, priests and mayors) became surfers and artists.

 The name Lichnowsky is comonly known among students and mucicians because of their relations with artists like Mozart, Beethoven, Lizst and Chopin. Their line can be traced back to 1491 when Johan von Woschuts or Woszczyce (a region in Poland) aquired the city of Lichnov (in present day Czech Republic) and began calling himself: "the man from Lichnov" or Lichnovsky, as it is spelled in Czech.

Mechtilde Lichnowsky.

As we go through this images and reflect on how fate and destiny play an important roll in our lives, we can also understand that to live as an artist, we have to leave behind not only castles and distinctions, but the very values and prejudices that can be retrieving us from our own deterritorializations process!

 Rio de Janeiro 1930,s.
Wilhelm Lichnowsky on a vistit to his brother Michael (behind on center with hands on waist) who left europe and nazism behind and went to Brazil.

There is no interpretation, no theater, no wardrobe or scene direction, only the feelings and sensations of those who go through a deterritorialization process. Robert Edward 1993, photo, Eduardo Graf.

Mechtilde has left us hundreds of photos, I could do an exposition only with her, with her many lives, faces, productions and deterritorializations,

To be an artist we have to break the walls that surrounds us, go through in to the outside, leaving behind our identity. Michel Graf, San Diego, California 1989.
Who are them and what are they doing nowadays?

Berlin is full of life, one of my passions...

Beautiful Budapest

The relationship of the Lichnowskys with musicians and artists was and is that of friendship, even though in academic texts and journalistic articles, that seem to interpret history from a comtemporay point of view, their is an insistance in refering to it on a contratual and comercial basis, typical of the modern times human relations... Ferenz Lizst was a close friend of Felix Lichnowsky...


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